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Artist Bio
Stanley Roots was born on Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands. His interest in music began around age seven when he started singing Gospel in his church choir. He taught himself to play drums at the church around a year later, and ended up drumming for 17 years. Four years after joining the choir, with tips from fellow musicians, he taught himself to play bass. The bass then led him to his current passion, rhythm guitar. When learning to play, Roots would practice his rhythm guitar with Prince as his inspiration. Roots has said, “Prince’s rhythm was so intense, I had to learn to play rhythm like that.” Twenty years later Roots met the man who’d inspired him when Prince was at one of Roots’ performances in the Turks and Caicos. Roots also says he attributes his musical talent and desire to be a great reggae music artist to his mother who “blew a mean harmonica”.
Shortly after relocating Roots began meeting other top reggae singers and musicians. When called to play a gig at Nikki Beach, Roots needed a band to back him. That’s when he met his current producer Dave, through a friend and keyboard player. From there Roots and his new producer would collaborate to create the best sound to back him at his shows and in the studio. Since, Roots released his first album and has performed in the Caribbean and throughout the US and with various artists.

After a short time-out in the islands to write more material for his upcoming album “She's Beautiful” Roots is ready to turn up the heat and hit the stage again. Look for him to be on tour shortly with both albums “Colours of One” and “She's Beautiful”.


Stanley Roots - Reggae Music Artist
Roots and five friends created his first band on the Jersey shore in the early 90s, with Roots on rhythm guitar. Roots started writing, recording and producing his own music in the mid 90s. After playing the Jersey shore and several road trips, Roots decided he needed more and relocated to South Florida. Once in Florida, Roots captivated the music scene there as he quickly became a hit playing the latest reggae tunes throughout the Keys and South Florida.

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